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April 5, 2018
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“Sand Dollars” on Giant Screen in Las Terrenas
Saturday, May 26, 2018, 8 pm, Punta Popy Beach. FREE OF CHARGE.

In a historic event for Las Terrenas, the film “Dollars of Sand”, based on the novel by Jean-Noel Pancrazi, produced and directed by Laura Amelia Guzmán and Israel Cárdenas, will be presented on a giant screen with giant sound at Punta Popy beach on Saturday, May 26th at 6 pm. The event is open to the public and includes free fireworks and popcorn for all attendees.

The presentation of the film is the result of a cultural and educational alliance between the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation of Las Terrenas and MiraCinemaRD of Santo Domingo. The program will begin at 6 pm and will include the brief participation of Julio (July) Melo, director of the School of Film, TV and Photography of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD). Laura Amelia and Israel will also be present, as will Yanet Mejía de Las Terrenas, who plays the role of Noelí in the film, which has won important national and international awards.

The presentation of “Dollars of Sand” will be preceded by 15 minutes of short films produced by the UASD Film School and fireworks for public entertainment. After the main film, the documentary “Noelí in the Countries” will be shown as an additional gift to the audience. Within a playful framework, the documentary tells the story of Yanet’s (Noelí’s) visit to Europe where he visited with his mother and where he had many interesting experiences including the possibility of staying in Europe. Yanet chose to return to Las Terrenas. She has confirmed that she will be present during the exhibitions of both films.

In addition to MiraCinemaRD’s willingness to bring its valuable equipment including screen, sound, power plant, fireworks and popcorn machine, the event is being hosted by Coson Bay Hotel and Residences, V Samana and Viva Windham All Inclusive Resorts. In addition, MiraCinemaRD technicians and film producers/directors will be hosted as a courtesy of the Paseo Caribbean Apart-Hotel Residence and Alisei Beachfront Hotel, Restaurant & Spa.

The Mahatma Gandhi Foundation is particularly grateful to Laura Amelia Guzmán and Israel Cárdenas for offering the use of their film for what it hopes will follow the beginning of a series of similar presentations, part of an attempt to bring high-caliber cultural events to Las Terrenas, always as a result of strategic alliances between the Foundation, local and national business, artists and cultural organizations.

Security for the event will be provided by CESTUR under Major Joel Guarionex Benzán and the National Police under Colonel Kevin Pacheco. Antonio García George and Domingo Bermúdez granted “no objection” to the use of the venue for the event. The Mayor’s Office will provide the rental of the chairs for the comfort of the audience while the others will be able to sit on the sand in front of the screen. The electricity distributor Luz y Fuerza will provide technical support to the area where the projection will take place. The general production of the event in Las Terrenas is in charge of José Bourget, president of the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation. A group of local people will provide logistical support for the event.

The MiraCinemaRD family’s screenings bring Dominican cinema to the open air with the support of FUNGLODE, the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo through its School of Film, Television and Photography, the General Direction of Cinema (DGCINE), Municipios al Día, Jupiter Dominicana, Filarmonía and Community Technology Centers. The platform also allows the exhibition of short films made by the students of the Film School in municipalities in the country that do not have cinemas. MiraCinemaRD seeks to recapture the passion for film, with a social, cultural and educational focus, aimed at populations that generally do not have access to the giant screen.

MiraCinemaRD’s screenings at the end of the month follow the Bourget family’s dream of bringing feature films on a giant screen to Las Terrenas. Years ago Ana Pérez and Sandro Ausina started a series of screenings of classic films in a local restaurant and the box office obtained was used to help finance the Anacaona Library. If the necessary funding is obtained, it is hoped that MiraCinemaRD can return to Las Terrenas or that something similar can be established with the support of other producers and directors who have already been contacted.

The Foundation has existed in Las Terrenas since 2005 and operates the Anacaona Library and the Las Terrenas International School, in addition to facilitating community development activities such as mangrove planting, the construction of playgrounds in all public schools in the municipality, summer camps, tutoring, personal development of girls and young women and other human development activities. It recently completed a project to provide guidance on flood hygiene and prevention, as well as improvements to the water and sewerage systems in Callejón de Bate, El Jamito and Caño Seco in partnership with the Unión de Juntas de Vecinos de Las Terrenas, both funded by USAID through REDDOM.

Anyone interested in being part of the cultural and educational promotion of Las Terrenas through the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation can contact José at 829.330.0986 or

Local production:
José R. Bourget, General Coordinator, Mahatma Gandhi Foundation
Coson Bay, Roberto Nolasco, lead sponsor ($$)
V Samaná, Cirilo Avila, Lead Sponsor ($$)
Viva Windham, Cirilo Avila, lead sponsor ($$)
El Paseo Residence, Philippe Gonin, support sponsor (accommodation)
Alisei, Rocco Brunetto, support sponsor (lodging)
Alex Garcia George, support sponsor (no objection, chairs)
Iván Collado, Domingo Bermúdez, support sponsors (no objection to use of the site)
CESTUR, Major Joel Benzán, Security
MITUR, Amado Sella, no objection
National Police, Colonel Kevin Pacheco, Security
Luz y Fuerza, Eng. Antonio Rodríguez, lighting.