Each year, the “Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories” contest collects sustainable tourism stories and good practices from destinations around the world to be shared as inspiring examples for others, from tourism professionals to travelers. This is why the Samaná Tourism Cluster (CTS) in conjunction with the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Samaná (AHETSA), the Salto del Limón Community Ecotourism Association (ACESAL) and the support of the German Development Cooperation, GIZ participated in the 2021 edition of this contest that seeks to make visible the effort and dedication in the preservation and care of destinations by the hand of the local community.

The candidatures were evaluated by the “Sustainable Top 100 Team”, the country’s experts and the Green Destination Partners; who highlighted that this is just the beginning of Samaná’s journey as a sustainable destination, it has been selected based on the first level of compliance with the Green Destinations standard and based on the evaluation of its History of Good Practices.

The selection of sustainability stories for 2021 includes our destination, SAMANÁ, with the good practice story of “El Salto El Limón; Natural Heritage of the Community ”.

The Samaná province under the leadership of these institutions, has been working hard and moving towards a more sustainable and responsible tourism industry, while creating a more attractive experience for local communities and travelers. The province is making efforts focused on the different axes: Sustainable Management of Destination, Nature and Landscape, Climate and Environment, Culture and Tradition, Business and Communication and Social Welfare. Among some of the sustainable initiatives they have been promoting are: systems for monitoring the impact of tourism on nature; solid waste recycling and management project, supporting local entrepreneurs; training initiatives; development of destination plans; solar energy initiatives; coral restoration projects; festivals to celebrate the cultural heritage and diversity of the province; among many others.

Samaná is a paradise of wild white sand beaches, coconut plantations and tropical rainforests in the Dominican Republic. Its mountains and valleys form the crystalline rivers that flow into the Atlantic. This destination has to offer seasonal excursions of humpback whale watching by boat in the picturesque Bay of Samaná, hiking, bird watching and caving or caves in Los Haitises National Park; Canyoning or horseback riding to reach the El Limón waterfall.

The story “Salto del Limón; Community Natural Heritage ”and the entire 2021 Top 100 list will be available on the Green Destinations website. Know all the information in the following link here.