Located in the community of Limón in Samaná and visited by thousands of people a year, with a height of about 50 meters is the Salto Limón, which rests in a beautiful pool of natural and crystalline water. Composed of several exits through which flows the crystalline water that slides through a solid rocky and green wall, the waterfall is plunged into a tropical forest.


To reach the impressive waterfall from the hotel, it is necessary to take about 30 minutes of road, and then enjoy one of the most popular activities in the area, a relaxing horseback ride through a dense tropical forest. Along the route, visitors can appreciate a beautiful and characteristic country landscape and lush vegetation of tropical crops. Then, you reach a specific point, and there begins with a walk along a path that descends to the foot of the Limón waterfall.

Data to take into account

In all the perimeter of the area, you should not use any type of motor vehicle or bicycles, it is recommended to move on foot or on horseback, this in order to keep the place intact, with all its natural attributes and avoid a negative environmental impact .