Playa Bonita, honoring its name, is one of the most beautiful paradises in Samaná, it has 3 kilometers of white sand and crystal clear waters, and a line of elegant coconut trees characteristic of Samaná Bay.

Something that differentiates this paradise, from the other tropical points of the country, is that there are no typical agglomerations of people, as often happens in the other busiest points of the Dominican Republic.

Only 20 minutes away from our hotel, you can enjoy a complete tranquility, as well as disconnect from the routine and the typical urban stress.


The beach is conditioned for multiple activities, its crystalline and warm waters shelters a wide and varied marine ecosystem, this makes it perfect for the practice of snorkeling and diving.

To the west of the beach there is an area suitable for swimming, while the east side offers great waves for the more adventurous, perfect for kitesurfing.