Like all the beautiful beaches of Las Terrenas and its surroundings, Cosón is a beach with enviable conditions: white sand, calm turquoise waters, a set of coconut trees; This last attribute means that both tourists and locals can enjoy a perfect rest under the generous shade while listening to the sound of the sea.

Something to emphasize is that, within the same beach Cosón you could run into small paradises as the cases of Onda beach and Morón beach, which are characterized by having a quiet and relaxing, as they are few frequented.

Its location is about 5 km before the town of Las Terrenas, and to reach it on a well-marked path, it would take approximately 25 minutes from our hotel, towards the Boulevard del Atlantico.


Cosón is one of the liveliest corners of Las Terrenas. Among the wide variety of activities are water sports such as snorkeling and diving, and for the more intrepid, there is an area where you can practice bodysurfing.