Not for nothing is said that, if you visit Rincon Beach, you could see one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world, and that everything fits to make it a heavenly place, without a doubt this is an environment that seems made of glass , its clear waters give the sensation as if it were in a fishbowl.

To get to the beach starting from our hotel, it is necessary to take the road for approximately one hour and 40 minutes. Once in the locality, it is reached on foot or by horse. The place is relatively remote, the beach is a haven of peace compared to others more within the region of traditional tourism. During the time that the trip takes, the route is painted by a beautiful green flora, colorful houses, tropical fruit plantations, accompanied by the sound of numerous birds.

Another detail that makes Playa Rincon unique is that, also in its warm waters dies a river called Caño Frio. To bathe just in the place where the fresh and cold water of the river mixes, with the water of the Atlantic is a unique sensation.


This paradise has the advantage that it is divided into two parts: One side of the beach has serene waters and protected from strong waves, creating a perfect natural lagoon for swimming and snorkeling. While the north side receives the onslaught of a stronger wind, creating undulating waves for fun doing bodysurfing.

In the area you will find typical restaurants or local huts with open kitchens and picnic tables, these places offer tropical Creole food, especially fresh fish made on the grill and in view of the visitors.

Other delicacies include coconut bread, lobster roast, as well as tropical drinks and soft drinks.